Warning: I will not make it through this post without cursing a lot.   For a while now, I’ve been seeing something that just didn’t make sense. When that happens I check out all of the fact checking sources that I trust. They all (every damned one) let me know that I was right to […]

Scissors And Comb For A Hairdresser

So, I’ve been saying for years now that I don’t need a husband – I just need a person who’s good at nagging –  a nagging home and personal organization person. I need the nagging without all of the emotional baggage and eventual upheaval that comes with romantic entanglements. In the past I’ve heard very […]


News has been spreading like wildfire today that the Reverend Fred Phelps is finally on his death bed in a hospice in Topeka, I wish I could say the reaction was mixed… but it ain’t. For the most part, believers and non-believers alike are applauding his death. I’m not one of those. Fred Phelps did […]

York Pattie

  I have been back on a keto diet for about three weeks – my G.P. and my shrink are both very happy with me about that – sugar is my most worstest enemy, for real; mood swings, insane food binges, you name it. Anyway, it hasn’t taken long for me to get back down to […]

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My personal website has sat empty for ages now, ever since I started babying the business website. I decided to dude it all up for NANO. I put everything I could possibly need on the front page and set it as my home screen on every computer and device I have. Hell, iGoogle’s gone tomorrow […]

Beginning NANO

Ok… I’ve screwed up NANOWRIMO so many times in so many ways – but this year, I will call in sick every day of the last week of November if I fall behind. My entire world view and every ounce of my self-esteem is tied to this… no pressure. This is a note to myself… […]

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The replacement for iGoogle This is not a post that gives you seven or ten options to choose from for a replacement for iGoogle. This is a post to let you know that I’ve read all those damned posts, signed up for every one of those services, and have finally settled on the absolute best […]

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